Skin Therapies

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Everlasting Beauty provides a wide range of corrective and rejuvenating skin care modalities, including galvanic and high frequency electric facials, microdermabrasion, hydra facials, and the complete line of PCA SKIN brand treatments and products.

Exclusive and elegant, PCA SKIN professional treatments and customized daily care products are the choice of doctors and other skin care specialists for providing their patients and clients the very best results for:

  • Pigment Control
  • Age Defense
  • Acne Control
  • Sensitivity and Redness Control

Rejuvenation treatments and products target discoloration, wrinkles, laxity and dryness while improving the overall complexion, tone and texture of the skin. Health and clarity are restored with protocols that address acne and other congestive issues while reducing pore size and soothing inflammation to calm and control redness and sensitivity. Prevention and maintenance regimens provide unparalleled protection for healthy, youthful skin and guard against future damage by nourishing, strengthening and defending against free radicals and solar radiation.

Instructions for PCA Skin Home Regimen

PCA Skin Home Regimen Sequence (1.Cleanse, 2.Tone, 3.Treat/Correct, 4.Moisturize, 5.Protect) 1)Cleanse: Wash face, neck and décolleté with appropriate PCA Skin cleanser and slightly warm (never hot!!!!) water. Allow cleanser to remain on the skin for up to two minutes before thoroughly rinsing with cool to slightly warm water. Pat dry with clean towel (avoiding lash […]

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Affordable Moisturizers for Combination Skin

While exclusive, professional skin care lines are more often superior due to the quality and potency of their ingredients and formulations, they are also very pricey when compared to “OTC” store shelf brands. Though you wouldn’t want to compromise quality for price on performance serums such as your retinols, Vitamin Cs, pigment correctors, acne treatments, […]

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How To Choose a Sunscreen

It’s spring, soon to be summer, and that means we’re outdoors again with fresh air and sunshine! Though we should be wearing sunscreen all year long (ahem), many of us only think about it when the sun is out and the weather is warm. “Before you slather and go, consider this: many members of the medical community […]

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  • Amy D. – Chico, CA
    I still don’t know how you were able to get such a thin line in my lashes. I am loving my eyeliner.

  • Natalie C. – Paradise, CA
    It’s true that if you have ever had a cold sore or fever blister – even if you were only 5 years old the last time you had one – you better get your Zovirex or Valtrex Rx from a doc before getting your lips done. I learned my lesson after the first procedure and lost some pigment, but at Everlasting Beauty, I was able to the missing areas filled in, and now my lips are flush with healthy, rosy color, and it looks like it is just part of my own skin.

  • Julie S. – Chico, CA
    Years before I came to Everlasting Beauty, I had my brows done, and whatever the lady used to numb it didn’t work. It was like torture, and I almost couldn’t finish the procedure. But at my free consultation, the CPCP at Everlasting Beauty suggested I have my doctor’s office call in a prescription for generic EMLA cream at the pharmacy before I got my brows’ color retouched, and I barely felt a thing. The difference was night and day.

  • Beth Anne T. – Magalia, CA
    I found Everlasting Beauty permanent makeup clinic years ago for a color correction for brows that had faded after seven years, and I couldn’t find the original lady who did them. I chose her because her credentials and continuing education in her field set her apart from everyone else in the area who is doing permanent cosmetics. I recommend her to anyone, near or far.

  • Patricia L. – Redding, CA
    I am from Redding, but I still chose Everlasting Beauty because of the credentials and extensive training attained by the CPCP. It was worth the drive.

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Skin Therapies

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